S034 – Penance 3

Hi friends – please read the red text. It saves you time :). 

And there’s another story!

Now we’ll meet young Sally again. She is now forced to go through a “healing course” in a nearby monastery.

How does it all happen? You will see 🙂

Another story will be at the end of next month, as usual (31.10). Now I’m planning (after a long time) something with a horse. I’ll see 🙂

Comics contains 72 images + 1 X-ray

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Thank you!


What is new?

Hi friends 🙂

Due to changes to Patreon (work on a new home page, holidays, the need to create some “standard” content for Patreon and other necessities), the comics  will be published 10.9. This all delayed me for more than 14 days.  I’m trying to catch up, but I’m not a rabbit :).

The good news is that 70% of the story is now done (44 pictures). You can look forward to Sally and her adventures in the church :).

But the holiday was fine. Pity it is only once a year :).

Have a nice weekend.