S036 – Apocalyptica 2

Hi Friends :).

As is traditionally: New Month – A New Story. This time I’ll take you into a post-apocalyptic time full of mutated monsters and one abandoned motel. Again, after a long time, you will meet Alisa , which experiences an adventure that will change her life for several years.

Do not miss it!

Comics contains 65 images + new X-Ray technology

What’s next? The Christmas story is approaching. What would you say to the story of Santa Reindeer/s :).

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Thank you!


Work in progress

Hello my dear friends and lovers of special experiences 🙂

I’ve got many story ideas for new comics, thank you for them!!!

It was hard to pick, but in the end I chose one.  I do not want to say everything (spoiler) but I really like the idea. The other stories remain in the drawer and I will be inspired by them for the next stories.

I wish you a beautiful day / night or what you just have :).