S044 – Late Night Show

Hello Friends 🙂

This month was literally full. A new page, lots of changes, a holiday, a new comic and a French version of first story. I originally planned to create only a small story, something short (to make it all in time) … but … in the end, the story has again classic 69 pages … ufff!

What is the new story about? You meet the good old friends Alex and Jessica. This time they are invited to a live TV show. As always it will not be so “easy”. See for yourself :). The story is also humorous. I hope, you will like it.

Do not miss it!

Comics contains 69 images + 1 “endoscopy

Download via my Subscribestar (Need help? Click HERE for more info).

Thank you!


Paypal? Why not…

Several of you have asked if you could use Paypal (Subscribestar does not allow this option). Okay … why not. It will even be a little cheaper (not much), but probably slower (manual checks will be required). I’ll try to figure it out.

And…. tomorrow there will be a new comic. Looking forward :).


Subscribestar is launched / Patreon ends

Hello friends!
After a long time and many problems, I am definitely leaving the Patreon platform. The new system Subscribestar is really awesome. Clear and intuitive. See and see for yourself .

Go to subscribestar.adult/extemexworld

I hope that now everything will be much better. Finally, it will be possible to interact, communicate under the posts and much more.

Well, it’s time to move forward. The new stage of 3D fantasy world begins. Join me :).

Have a nice day


P.S .: I’m back … from vacation :). And back to work …


Hello friends. Today I leave for a week on vacation. I won’t be available as usual. Answers to potential emails may take up to several days.

Patreon Problems – Blocked Page

After holiday, I will launch a new crowdfunding page and leave Patreon. Of course, all the current Patreons will have complete access. No worries 🙂

But don’t worry, I’ll be back: D.

Enjoy the summer!