S045 – Elvis

A new story is here! Number 45… phew.

This time I will tell you a story about a very sad dog Elvis, who actually was not as sad as it seemed at first. You will meet a nice girl Anna, MVDr. Robins and also Baroness Hortense.

Do not miss it!

Comics contains 65 images

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What about next time? Next time there will be a classic new story, but I will also try something with Virtual Reality.

Thank you!


French translation of stories S001 and S003

Hello friends 🙂

Thanks to Eric30500 I have two comics translated into French. We are planning another one soon. I will now try to focus translations on new stories. Exactly the story of Military Slut (both parts).

Currently available only to Gold Members (subfolder “French versions”) via Subscribestar.

Well, time to go again to work on something new :). Cya soon.


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