S052 – Aliens

After a little break I am here again and I must say that I did not idle. There’s a new story and it contains 70 pictures. Bombastic!

What is waiting for you? The young Lily, the last time I said it, then a bunch of annoying aliens, from scientists, to the commander of the spaceship to their rugged general. And… and finally a four-legged, furry friend. Do you remember TV series Red Dwarf? Contest: Who will find something from the series in this story? No, no .. Lister or Cat is not the right answer 🙂

And what next? I would like something very sexy, but at the same time more fun. So we’ll see.

Comics contains 70 images
Do not miss it!

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What is new?

What is new?
Corona virus attacks the world, but the 3D fantasy world is safe. In safety? Not quite! The new story will be about a teenage girl named Lily who has been kidnapped. But not so commonly kidnapped! It will all be more mysterious and interesting. 

Look forward to the end of the month!

Stay strong!