S059 – Half Live

Hello friends. I hope you’re all fine 🙂

And it’s autumn! Shit … how great it was to be in the sun and without Covid. But what, there’s a new story for all of you, and this time I’ve brought some innovations.

  1. When there are many bubble texts in a story, they have a numbered order.
  2. Where appropriate, I also add a description of the scene. It will illustrate the whole situation better.

This time I tried to start a new story more open to other parts. By default, I count on 2 – 3 sequels. The second and third part will be a clear storyline and I can get involved in more “action” scenes. I think you will like it 🙂

What awaits you this time? An alternative reality story and a young girl named Olivia. I won’t tell you more, read more yourself :).

Comics contains 65 images
Do not miss it!

What next? That’s easy, part two 🙂

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