S061 – Witch Ritual

Hello friends,

it’s the end of 2020. I don’t know how for you, but for me it was a BIG SHIT and I’m glad it’s over. I wish you all only the best for the new year, a lot of health and sex …. a lot of sex! (or porn) :D.

As always, I have a brand new story for you and this time it’s one of my favorites. I got a story idea from one of you, and I’m glad you’re sending it to me.

I created a poll on the main page if you would like to continue this story :). Let me know if you liked the story. I focused on improving the graphics (depth of field and color) and also on a deeper description of the story.

And what awaits you now? Young amorous Clara, her dream boy Lucas, one strange witch and much more.

Comics contains 64 images
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What next? We will see… 

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