S064 – Royal Rules

It’s here… the end of the month and for a while the last story. This month you will meet the strong Amazon Olivia, the slender girl Abigail and the special competition of the playful king.

Thanks to Subscribestar support I’ve stop all payments from you.  You can remain a member of your groups and no payments will be collected. Reactivation would only be after the release of another new story, and it would not be until the end of summer or autumn. I would also point it out well in advance (something like 14 days before).

Thank you all and especially to those who helped me with proofreading and translation. Such as Buddy Love, Corvias, Rich Daddy, Belzarek, Jerzy, B2the ILL, Eric30500 and others.

Well, that’s it. And now to rest … I’m a little afraid I won’t know what to do with my free time. It will be very new for me.

Have a great time, enjoy spring, summer and hope to see you again soon! Your ExtremeX, Alex, Jessica, Clara, Abigail and much, much more.

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