What is new?

What is new?
Corona virus attacks the world, but the 3D fantasy world is safe. In safety? Not quite! The new story will be about a teenage girl named Lily who has been kidnapped. But not so commonly kidnapped! It will all be more mysterious and interesting. 

Look forward to the end of the month!

Stay strong!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Hi friends.

The year is over and 12 more stories behind us. A total of 48 stories and soon we will overcome 50. It’s scary how much work it is, but I hope it’s worth it.

What’s new and what’s next?

Today I added 4 French translations of stories:





You can find them under the Gold account in the “French Versions” section. Thank you Eric30500 for translating.

As always, I am finishing a new story. And what else? I hope only the best! I wish you all a great Christmas holiday and a successful New Year 2020!


French translation of stories S001 and S003

Hello friends 🙂

Thanks to Eric30500 I have two comics translated into French. We are planning another one soon. I will now try to focus translations on new stories. Exactly the story of Military Slut (both parts).

Currently available only to Gold Members (subfolder “French versions”) via Subscribestar.

Well, time to go again to work on something new :). Cya soon.


P.S.: Vote on the new vote :D.

Paypal? Why not…

Several of you have asked if you could use Paypal (Subscribestar does not allow this option). Okay … why not. It will even be a little cheaper (not much), but probably slower (manual checks will be required). I’ll try to figure it out.

And…. tomorrow there will be a new comic. Looking forward :).


Subscribestar is launched / Patreon ends

Hello friends!
After a long time and many problems, I am definitely leaving the Patreon platform. The new system Subscribestar is really awesome. Clear and intuitive. See and see for yourself .

Go to subscribestar.adult/extemexworld

I hope that now everything will be much better. Finally, it will be possible to interact, communicate under the posts and much more.

Well, it’s time to move forward. The new stage of 3D fantasy world begins. Join me :).

Have a nice day


P.S .: I’m back … from vacation :). And back to work …


Hello friends. Today I leave for a week on vacation. I won’t be available as usual. Answers to potential emails may take up to several days.

Patreon Problems – Blocked Page

After holiday, I will launch a new crowdfunding page and leave Patreon. Of course, all the current Patreons will have complete access. No worries 🙂

But don’t worry, I’ll be back: D.

Enjoy the summer!


Work in progress

I have two good news for you!

First – As always, I am working on a new story (now I have 50 renders out of 60 or 70). You’ll meet again the young girl Perry.

Second – Thanks to “Eric30500” we started translating comics into French. I will publish the first translated part at the beginning of next month.

Well, I’ll see you soon. The end of the month is coming :).

Work in progress

Hi friends. Want to know what’s new?

I’m now finishing a new story about a new girl named Zoey. We will visit one very special hotel where girls can solve their partner problems. Coming soon on extremexworld.net

Your own story? Why not!

Are you creative? I have an idea for creative members. Do you think you would have written the story better and could you also put it in the graphics? If so, I have a good news for you.

I will send you clean graphics without text and you can create your own text yourself. And if it’s fine, we’ll show it here on the web.

To get the source graphics, you must meet the following requirements:: You must be patreon for more than 3 months. Share modified graphics outside of this site is not approved.

It could be quite fun :).

If you are interested, email me at extremexworld & gmail.com and as a subject write “own story” and write your patreon account so I can verify your membership.

That is all 🙂