S045 – Elvis

A new story is here! Number 45… phew.

This time I will tell you a story about a very sad dog Elvis, who actually was not as sad as it seemed at first. You will meet a nice girl Anna, MVDr. Robins and also Baroness Hortense.

Do not miss it!

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What about next time? Next time there will be a classic new story, but I will also try something with Virtual Reality.

Thank you!


S013 – Baroness Hortense II.

Hello, hello! 🙂

It’s the end of the month and along with it a new comic. This time, the second part of the story with the Baroness Hortense. Noble Baroness will learn new tricks, which certainly applies to the next life :D.

As always thank you to Corvias for help with proofreading. Thank you Corvias!

Comics contains 55 images

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Thank you!