S064 – Royal Rules

It’s here… the end of the month and for a while the last story. This month you will meet the strong Amazon Olivia, the slender girl Abigail and the special competition of the playful king.

Thanks to Subscribestar support I’ve stop all payments from you.  You can remain a member of your groups and no payments will be collected. Reactivation would only be after the release of another new story, and it would not be until the end of summer or autumn. I would also point it out well in advance (something like 14 days before).

Thank you all and especially to those who helped me with proofreading and translation. Such as Buddy Love, Corvias, Rich Daddy, Belzarek, Jerzy, B2the ILL, Eric30500 and others.

Well, that’s it. And now to rest … I’m a little afraid I won’t know what to do with my free time. It will be very new for me.

Have a great time, enjoy spring, summer and hope to see you again soon! Your ExtremeX, Alex, Jessica, Clara, Abigail and much, much more.

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S060 – Half Live 2

Hey, hey, hey!

Story number 60 is here! Oh my God … the 60th story. It’s really a lot, friends.

This week has been very tense. My colleague in the office fell ill with Covid and I had to quarantine. A few minutes ago I received the test result and I’m negative. Uffff ….

Well, but back to the topic. Today, the second and final part of the Half Live story awaits you.

What am I planning for Christmas and New Year? I do not know yet. 60 stories are many and I would like inspiration. I have a few ideas from you in the email, so I’ll take a look at it.

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What next? We will see… 

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S059 – Half Live

Hello friends. I hope you’re all fine 🙂

And it’s autumn! Shit … how great it was to be in the sun and without Covid. But what, there’s a new story for all of you, and this time I’ve brought some innovations.

  1. When there are many bubble texts in a story, they have a numbered order.
  2. Where appropriate, I also add a description of the scene. It will illustrate the whole situation better.

This time I tried to start a new story more open to other parts. By default, I count on 2 – 3 sequels. The second and third part will be a clear storyline and I can get involved in more “action” scenes. I think you will like it 🙂

What awaits you this time? An alternative reality story and a young girl named Olivia. I won’t tell you more, read more yourself :).

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What next? That’s easy, part two 🙂

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